Quick Cuffs are constructed to fit both men and women and may be worn on either wrists or ankles in several different ways. 

Please keep in mind these are not recommended for overhead use such as with a St Andrews Cross as they may slip. 

Please use Eagle Talon Cuffs for overhead scenarios.

  1. Hold cuff between thumb and first finger as shown
  2. Wrap cuff under hand and over wrist
  3. Continue wrap around wrist
  4. Slide buckle end through O ring
  5.  Pull Tight
  6. View from under side
  1. Wrap around wrist
  2. Pass buckle through O ring
  3.  Pull Tight
  4. Turn under wrist and pull tail up through hand
  5. View from top of hand

Method 3:

Start at Method Two, Photo 3** above.  Do the same on both hands.  Fasten the buckle of one cuff to the O ring of the other cuff (do this with both cuffs).  This effectively cuffs both hands or ankles together.

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